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What I will do + The Project

2017-01-17 17:10:17 by MelonKid

This is possibly one of my most important posts besides that sick madness combat test I posted a while back, but anyways...

I'm going to make an animation based on various cartoons and animations throughout my life, basicially what has inspired me in the first place to even animate at all, and it makes me really proud to even say I'll do this, but I'll need to remind myself about it alot, and perhaps do work on it for the weekends, personally, ever since I was a young age, I've actually scoured Newgrounds for cool animations and just stuff, I guess, I may be only 14 but I have a feeling I might actually be able to do this, I want to become an animator when I get older and get a good job with good-paying money so then'll I'll get to live life happily and not even have the need to be afraid of death and the terrible terrible fate we've all come to succumb.



Well guess what.

I'm not gonna let that stop me from doing what I want to achieve.

Ever since my younger years, various artists from newgrounds like Dan Paladin, Eddsworld and the guy who made Fancy Pants Adventures inspired me, Newgrounds has always been a place where I could go when I was feeling down.

So this project isn't actually in production yet, but I do have episode ideas, some of which are from abandoned projects in the past, and for some reason, this feels like destiny to me, sounds a little cringy, huh? To all you people who are having a rough time out there, don't act like you're the only one, because I seriously know the average human can probably endure ALOT more than we think that we all can, so lets just move on and go to the next chapter.

- MelonKid


2017-01-14 16:53:01 by MelonKid


Making a game, because why not?

2016-12-29 10:47:15 by MelonKid

It's going to be fun, screenshots promised.

-- UPDATE --


2016-12-28 12:04:24 by MelonKid

That was an edgy post out of anger yesterday, I was mad about shit and I decided to go all max-wrist cutting edge-lord operative mode, sorry if that post gave you depression.

I don't really care anymore...

2016-12-26 16:28:43 by MelonKid

What's the point of trying anything at anything's worth? It's pointless, because why do we live, and what's the point of it all, if its pointless then why is it here, this logic we've (humans) have established is utterly terrifying and I don't like it, and it makes me want to legitmately cry at how stupid life is, now before someone goes edgy, I want you to ask yourself these questions. Do I deserve anything? Is anything worth anything? Why am I here? I possibly think I'm going to lose my sanity, for all the shit I've done, I know I don't deserve life or death, I don't know anymore.


Huion H420 Pen Not Working

2016-12-26 02:22:14 by MelonKid

Help my ass out please.

My pen for my new drawing tablet doesn't work correctly, although the tablet is just fine, either pen's defective or I'm just shit at setting it up and too dumb to notice. Any ideas?

I had a dream last night.

2016-12-22 11:49:11 by MelonKid

Either somethings gone wrong, or i've gone wrong.

I had a dream last night in which I was fighting 2 of my friends. They both told me they work for evil or something.

Now 1 of my friends is starting to get into bad habits, such as stealing. Another 1 is just fine.

I just remember fighting 1 of my friends, which was the "just fine" one, who ran away.

Now lets call number 2, "Fork", for now. So I fought fork, and he had some weird boomerang weapon and it has like a hole where the blade is, my sword gets caught in it, but somehow I all of sudden go really fast and shove it in his chest. Fork bled a little, and started stuttering as if he was about to say something really depressing. I shoved the sword further into his chest without hesitation and blood starting spurting. He suddenly vanished and a pool of blood was all that was left of Fork himself. I woke up. Now because I was sick, I couldn't go to school, and I wanted to tell them, right when I got up from sleeping, but I was too sick to go to school, and 2 minutes after I got up and came to my senses, I realized it was best to not say anything to them at all. So here I am, on a sick day from school typing on a keyboard about how I had a dream about killing one of my friends.

If anyone knows why this happened, give me a reason.

It's a legend, baby!

2016-12-03 13:57:16 by MelonKid

This test is great.


Shortly after this post...

2016-12-03 12:34:30 by MelonKid

A test shall be released, and I feel a little bit cocky about the quality of it.

MelonKid Sprites

2016-12-02 17:04:38 by MelonKid

Hello, person reading this! You like madness combat right? But you hate all the cringe these fags are doing, correct? Well, look no further! I have made some sprites for myself, and for you to use in the future that may never benefit you in no way possible! If you wish to have these sprites, you may! Just don't be afraid to ask!

(PM if you want to use my sprites.)