2017-02-19 13:05:10 by MelonKid

I've been having dreams of trumpets and mysterious prophecies, help me.


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2017-02-19 14:19:15

Try to understand what they mean and if there's a certain symbol that stands out the most in those dreams, such as a certain person, letter or anything really that you feel like IS that thing that you should be paying attention to the most.
They could carry a message for you.

MelonKid responds:

I looked it up, it's some gay biblical prophecy where seven angels will sound seven trumpets when the end is here, sounds cool.


2017-02-21 07:58:50

That sounds a bit broad, i think it might mean the end of something else, possibly related to your daily life, but if those dreams mean the end of the world then oh well, it's about time really.

MelonKid responds:

Nothing is really ending, or thats just how it seems.